Advantages over traditional Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), such as Activated Sludge (AS) and fixed-film systems, such as Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) include:

Lower capital & installation costs and exceptionally low
operation & maintenance costs
Self-regulating, achieving full BOD removal and nitrification in
a single pass, under a broad range of load and flow conditions
No noise, odour or fly issues, which can be problems with traditional aerobic and anaerobic STPs
Modular system, ExtraPac units can be relocated, or additional ExtraPac modules added as required

Fregate Island Private Seychelles
Turtle Island 1

Each ExtraPac Includes

Twin Biological Reactors, for BOD removal and full nitrification
Sedimentation Compartment, with a lamella plate settler
An integral biological sludge treatment, reduction and storage tank providing up to 7 times sludge reduction
A Chlorine Contact Tank, for sterilization and temporary storage of the treated wastewater
The treated water can be used for irrigation, without additional treatment and the small quantity of sludge and be used as soil conditioner

ExtraPac STPs have very small footprints, typically less than a quarter of the area of Activated Sludge


140 m3 sewage
per day (600 PE)
Activated Sludge STP
area of 325 m3
ExtraPac STP
area of 80 m3

ExtraPac vs Activated Sludge - Area