The RTW ExtraPac™ is an advanced Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), pre-fabricated package sewage treatment plant, incorporating state of the art technology, whilst offfering the most cost effect and compact system available worldwide. The ExtraPac system is designed for Population Equivalents (P.E.) of 25 to 3,000 domestic residents.

The ExtraPac is particularly suited to corporate buildings, construction sites, housing developments, hotels, golf courses, holiday resorts and leisure developments, in areas that are not connected to mains sewers. ExtraPac™ systems have been installed and tested in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. The ExtraPac™ reduces BOD5 to less than 10 mg/l with full nitrification, satisfying both current and anticipated future legislation.

The RTW ExtraPac™ is a single tank system, which can be supplied in multiple modules.

The structure of the tank is a steel frame, covered in Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and can be free standing or buried up to deck level. All internal surfaces in contact with sewage are made from Fibre Reinforced Plastic and are water tested prior to shipment. The RTW ExtraPac™ factory is certified to ISO 9002 quality standards.

Civil works are minimal and consist of providing a balancing tank, where necessary, a suitable base support slab, for the ExtraPac™ unit and a discharge or irrigation tank, where required. Installation consists of lifting the units onto the slab and making one inlet & one outlet pipe connection and one electrical power supply connection per unit.