The Macrosorb wastewater treatment system has been designed to treat dyehouse wastewater from the textile industry. The system is based on the inorganic absorbent Macrosorb and have been supplied to dyehouses worldwide, since 1995.

RTW Development is the worldwide licensee for the manufacture of Macrosorb® and the sale of Macrosorb® Effluent Treatment Systems.

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Macrosorb® and The Macrosorb® Effluent Treatment System were developed by Unilever Research and ICI, in the United Kingdom and have been supplied to textile processing and dyeing factories in UK (Courtaulds Socks, 1995, Bowbridge 1996, Spectra Dyers, 1997, Counterpart Hosiery, 1998 and Stevensons Dyers, 2000), China (Penn Fabrics (Jiangsu) Ltd. (PRC), 1996, Chung Lap, 1999 and Coats Shenzhen, 2004), Philippines (Penn Philippines, 1997 and Coats Manila Bay, 1999), Netherlands (Edel Tapit, 1998), Thailand (World Best Fabrics, 2002), Cambodia (T&W Fabrics, 2003), Pakistan (Coats Lahore, 2004), France (Coats France, 2004), Vietnam (Coats Phong Phu, 2005), Sri Lanka (Coats Thread Lanka, 2006), Bangladesh (Coats Bangladesh Dhaka, 2007 and Coats Bangladesh Chittagong, 2009).

RTW Development has extensive experience in providing chemical and biological effluent treatment systems and has the proven ability to advise on all aspects of effluent treatment.