The ExtraPac™ system is the most compact “all in one” system available

The ExtraPac Moving Bed Biofilm (MBBR) system incorporates a significant step forward in modular system technology, offering a major improvement in performance, combined with a reduced footprint and overall lower cost basis. The RTW ExtraPac is a modular unit that lends itself to future expansion or relocation, and can be supplied in modular sections, where access is difficult, or larger, multiple unit, plants are required. The ExtraPac is manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards.

The ExtraPac has 5 sections contained in a Fibre-Glass Reinforced Tank

ExtraPac - Schematic Web Large (26 Jun 14)

MBBR Reactor 1 – Filtration, Aeration and Primary BOD Reduction

Influent wastewaters pass through a stainless steel basket screen into the first of two MBBR Reactors. The first Reactor is filled with patented bio-carriers; aeration and mixing is carried out by duty & Standby ESAM side channel blowers. Air is transferred into the water via a novel lattice of Aero-Tube™ diffusers – located at the base of each reactor – continuously mixing the bio-carrier media and water and providing oxygen to the bacteria. The biofilm absorbs, oxidizes and reduces organic and inorganic material, reducing the BOD5, and providing efficient treatment.

Reaction Tanks 1&2

MBBR Reactor 2 – BOD5 Reduction to < 10 mg/l and full Nitrification

The wastewater flows into the second MBBR Reactor, which is also filled with bio-carriers, and has the same novel air supply system as the first MBBR. The remaining BOD5 is oxidised and full nitrification is achieved.

Lamella Plate Settler – With Saran Filter
TSS reduction to < 15 mg/l

The treated effluent flows to a Lamella Plate Settler, where excess biomass are settled and transferred to the Sludge Reduction Reactor. A Saran filter is fitted to ensure a TSS discharge to < 15 mg/l.

Plate Settler with Saran Filter

Sludge Reduction Reactor – 6 Months Reduction and Storage of Sludge

Comprehensive anaerobic sludge treatment & reduction and biological sterilization occur in our revolutionary sludge reduction & storage compartment, which not only reduces the biological sludge solids volume by up to 7 times, but also destroys enteric micro-organisms, making the final sludge product ideal and safe for use as a soil conditioner.

Sludge Reduction & Storage Reactor 2

Chlorine Contact Tank – Full Sterilization of the Treated Waste-Water

Fully treated wastewater overflows the final Lamella Plate Settler, via a tablet chlorinator unit to a chlorine contact/recycle tank, where full sterilization occurs. The wastewater then overflows to an irrigation tank or final discharge outlet.

Chlorine Contact Tank

Control Panel & Blowers

The Control Panel can be PLC based and is installed in a separate compartment in the ExtraPac unit.

ESAM Side Channel Blowers are installed in an adjacent soundproofed compartment, providing near silent operation.

Control Panel & Blowers

Installation & Commissioning

Each ExtraPac unit is completely pre-fabricated, the only civil works required are:

Construction of a simple base slab on which to place the ExtraPac unit, or excavation should the unit be partially buried

Construction/installation of a flow balancing tank and pumps, and an irrigation tank, where necessary

Electrical and mechanical installation of the ExtraPac unit

Grease traps at any collective kitchen outlets

For ease of access, a walkway and steps may be installed

Generally, the walkway and steps are fabricated and installed by the client, to drawings supplied by RTW Development Ltd

Alternatively, the ExtraPac may be semi-buried to 1.5 m

Installation & Commissioning